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Hair care products of absolute premium quality


Regardless of what product – high quality treatment for cleansing, for strengthening, or for sealing – you look for, you will find it here.

magic gum

Our body and skin have a high demand for water. Our hair also needs more of it because of frequent blow-drying and straightening.


Magic Gum

is the technologically innovative and fastest answer to internally rehydrate our hair on a molecular level. Magic Gum is a concentrate of keratin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, the molecular weight of which has been dehydrated ten times. When applied to damp hair, Magic Gum can transport these magical components into the hair.


  • Instant fullness and natural volume are the result of the intense moisture that penetrates the inside of the hair
  • Guaranteed 3D shine and color protection through this unique and innovative botox treatment for hair
  • Deep detoxification of the skin with sebum compensation
  • Sealing the split ends

SO PUR: Hair care revolution

Due to the balance of moisture, the hair becomes extremely easy to brush and silky smooth. The special bonus is that the hair will dry 50 % faster than with conventional products! We start with our conditioning shampoo – more products will follow soon!


Conditioning Shampoo

It combines the cleansing aspect of a shampoo with the nourishing aspect of a conditioner and is thus ideal for porous hair. It leaves the feeling as coming home fresh from the hair dresser and gives better control for the styling of your hair. The conditioning shampoo will not foam because it is produced without any surfactants.


Another step of hair care is to repair and strengthen your hair.


Moisture Treatment

An intensive moisturizing care for colored, dry, and naturally curly hair, which makes the hair smooth and shiny. It thus restores the hair’s natural moisture and helps to make you hair color last longer.

Protein Treatment

A highly effective and fast-acting protein conditioner, which immediately repairs chemically damaged and porous hair. The hair becomes stronger, more shiny and regains its natural bounce.