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PUR HAIR organic is unique among hair cosmetics due to its care formula as well as its protecting and regenerating effect.

PUR HAIR organic

For our products we only use natural and certified organic ingredients such as pomegranate or algae extracts, ginko biloba or green tea. We work completely without silicones, sulfates, or parabens. Furthermore, our products are 100% vegan – they do not contain any animal ingrediants and have never been tested on animals. Therefore, we are part of PETA’s official list of Cruelty-Free Cosmetics.


PUR HAIR organic protein repairs and strengthens damaged and chemically treated hair, reduces breaking, and provides elasticity and strength.


Protein Shampoo

A sulfate- and paraben-free protein shampoo for chemically treated, damaged, and brittle hair. It reduces breaking, rebuilds heat-damaged and porous hair, and restores the hair’s elasticity and resilience.


A highly effective and fast-acting deep protein conditioner, which rebuilds chemically damaged and porous hair immediately. Keratin amino acids and certified organic extracts such as algae, green tea, and cucumber strengthen the hair and it will be not only stronger, but also shinier and healthier.

Leave in Conditioner

A paraben free condiotioner, which is left in the hair and provides moisture. It makes the hair easier to brush and leaves behind a radiant shine.


Due to its balanced composition, PUR HAIR organic daily is a balanced series, which can be used for normal hair on a daily basis. It provides the hair with protein and thus gives the hair shine and suppleness.


Daily Shampoo

A sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo for the whole family, which can also be used as a shower gel. Contains keratin amino-acids and certified organic extracts such as green tea, pomegranate, and rosemary. The hair shines and is mildly cleansed without being weighed down. Can be used for all hair types.

Magic Treatment

A deep conditioner, which even heals and repairs extremely damaged hair. Keratin amino acids and certified organic extracts such as pomegranate, green tea, and rosemary repair hair fibers from the inside and supply the hair with proteins, mineral nutrients, and moisture. The outcome: radiant and supple hair.


For the best style you can get, PUR HAIR organic offers styling products, which create matte, silk-mat, glossy and voluminous effects and are made entirely of plant materials.


organic matte mud

Paraben free modeling paste, which contains clay to create a soft and natural styling. It noticeably adds volume to the hair and creates an extraordinary matte effect.

organic matte fiber

A paraben free microfiber paste with strong hold, especially for short hair. It immediately makes the hair shapeable and gives maximum control and volume.

organic matte mud Puder

Paraben free powder to create perfect volume. It noticeably gives the hair more volume with an extra soft matte styling and strong hold. It provides moisture and promotes self-healing when the scalp is sun-burned.