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PUR HAIR colour is the future for coloration: it is the outcome of constant and innovative researches undertaken in our laboratories in the field of modern hair-coloring-systems.

PUR HAIR colour

PUR HAIR colour is a balanced combination of substances and the result of a very precise work process. This versatile, reliable, and professional product is able to satisfy every salon regarding reliability, customer satisfaction, and profit.

magic shield complex

No hair breakage while dyeing or bleaching your hair: get brilliant radiation with sopur magic shield complex.

magic shield complex was developed in Swiss laboratories in order to protect the hair during chemical treatments such as coloration. The system consists of highly effective, natural anti-aging substances, and intensive moisturizers which penetrate deep into the hair. Thus the hair gains more elasticity, strength, and suppleness. The innovative PRONATURE technology provides the hair with a natural protection shield to protect the hair from damage.

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PUR HAIR colour blackline is the superior color series for unique color-results.

This innovative and technical developed coloring system based on a rich cosmetic cream defines new standards of quality for coloring systems. Just like all the PUR HAIR products, also the blackline series is characterized by its very easy usage and application. It ensures harmonious and intensive coloration results and it creates, even with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, high opacity with extraordinary protection and conditioning properties for the hair.

The result is a multi-facetted, natural, and brilliant hair colour.














Hair is an incredibly changeable accessory: take the ready to use colorshots, which come in six radiant and rich colors, and become creative at once.

Colorshots are direct dyes for natural and color-treated hair. Especially in freshly bleached hair, colorshots sensationally pop out as fashionable strands. If you mix the intensive colors with “White Pale”, you will receive pastel shades. You can apply colorshots on natural hair as well as colored or bleached hair. The brighter your natural hair tone the more intense the color result. Does not contain ammonia.