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PUR HAIR - Creating Premium Hair Products

You can order PUR HAIR products customized for your salon. There is neither an obligation to order a minimum purchase quantity nor a liability to order packing units. All products can be reordered very flexible and individually. We attribute great importance to short, uncomplicated, and flexible ways.

In 2003, this wish comes true: Reinhold Hofmann founds PUR HAIR with his vision to produce hair colors which are on the one side handy to apply and on the other side show a convincing outcome. In August 2006, an additional innovation comes on the market: the matching PUR HAIR styling series.

After five years of intensive research, the professional hair care series PUR HAIR organic comes into being. Vitalizing minerals and organic extracts give the hair unprecedented shine and flexibility. The internal structure of the hair will be incredibly strengthened, the hair will tangibly become more elastic, stronger and healthier – and everything happens on a completely natural basis.

In 2013, the new basic line, which is available for all stores, makes PUR HAIR complete.

Research and Development

In close collaboration with a research group of chemists and scientists, Reinhold Hoffmann did research and developed his products in one of Europe’s biggest and most modern laboratories from the beginning on. This was the only way for him to meet his quality requirements and to create innovative as well as highly effective product formulas. PUR HAIR’s research areas include the development of new textures on the basis of profound knowledge. All products underlie a strict quality control. Every new development is not released until it has been successfully tested in practice. PUR HAIR’s researchers are constantly looking for new and better ingredients and give the newly developed hair care and styling products to exclusively chosen hairdressers for testing.


For many years, social commitment, especially for children, has been a very crucial part of PUR HAIR and its corporate culture and thus is practiced every day. For us this does not only mean fair trade, fair prices, and proper business conduct, but it is also a heartfelt wish to say “Thank you” and to give something back to the people. We do not close our eyes but rather make a point of helping the people in need effectively.

We are of the firm opinion that what is beneficial for one person should also inure to the benefit of others. Therefore, PUR HAIR color blackline donates part of its turnover from the sale of each color-tube to child protection projects in Germany.

We also gather regularly for the AIDS Foundation; for example at trade fairs and events.


Our team

The brand PUR HAIR is decisively characterized by its strong team which is currently consisting of 8 talents. Three women and five men ambitiously work for you every day and committed themselves to an ambitious goal: customer satisfaction! Every employee in the office, storage or field service works with professional commitment, much passion and experience in order to offer great service to you. Get to know us and discover the difference and meet our requirements to not only fulfill your expectations but to exceed them.